Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Talking Racks When It Comes to Janet and I'm Not Talking Ranks for Clothes

"Racks On Racks, On Racks!

"Racks On Racks On Racks!" is the phrase one can use when talking about Janet "Ms. Jackson  if you nasty" and her Husbands Wissam Al Mana. 

Recently speculations has been buzzing that Janet has become part of a small elite circle of people who can say they've reach Billionaire Statues. Not only is she rumored to have reached Billionaire statue but her new Husband Wissam Al Mana is also a  Billionaire himself.

 Yet, is it really a surprise that Janet Jackson is a Billonaire!? I think it's more of a surprise, that she's just reaching the Billionaire mark . I also think it's a surprise that she married a Billionaire. The last serious relationship that she went public with was when she was dating Jermaine Dupri,  Mr."Money ain't  a thang" whom she stopped dating back in 2009 and from speculations it looks like Jermaine lyrics were right, because money obviously  ain't a thang when it comes to Janet and Wissam Mana.  

None the less, Janet Jackson's involvement in the Music and Movie industry as well as licensing  has contributed to Janet success over the years, earning her a title as a official Billionaire. Her Husbands success can be contributed to his billionaire family business as well as him being a successful entrepreneur. 

Therefore I guess when it comes to these Newlyweds, I think saying that they have "Racks On Racks, On Racks," is a understatement. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Talking Cash Money When it comes to Paris Hilton

When it comes to talking Cash Money to Paris Hilton, you maybe referring to her label!... 

 Through the years Paris Hilton has dropped Lyrics on  track's before, back in 2006 she dropped her first self titled album "Paris Hilton." Some said the album flopped, but, none the less, Paris is still in the music game and this time according to speculations she maybe releasing her album under her new label! ""YMCMB"

It's said that Paris Hilton new track will be featuring "Young Mula Ba-by!" (Lil Wayne) another "YMCMB" Recording artist." The track is titled "Last Night." Although Paris released "Last Night" around a year ago, "rumor has it" she amped it up a bit by featuring Wayne on the track "Mr.Aka make it rain on the track!"

 It's also "rumored" that although Paris maybe signed to the cash money label. A label known for mostly releasing Rap and R&B artist, they will be mostly releasing dance music as Paris Hilton music genre.

 In conclusion it's not official yet according to Paris reps that she has officially signed with "YMCMB" but with fellow members of "YMCMB" supposedly welcoming  Hilton  into the "YMCMB" family, leads one to believe Paris is "Talking Cash Money!"

Monday, May 20, 2013

" $600 Million Prenuptial Agreement!?"

When it comes to Tiger Wood's and His Fiance Lindsey Vonn,"rumor has it!" She Will Not Be Marrying Tiger, Without a $600 Million Dollar Prenuptial Agreement.... 

 According to rumors "Lindey Vonn informed Woods, she'll marry him, if he gives her half of his $600 million if they divorced." She also wants a agreement that would award her another 20 million, every time he cheats if, he were to cheat on her during their marriage.

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods
Seems like Lindsey Vonn may not only be trying to gain access into Tiger Woods heart but she may also may be trying to gain access into his $600 Million dollar fortune!
Tiger Woods
When it comes to Tiger we all know as well as Lindsey Vonn that Tiger Woods cheated in the past on his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, with a hand full of other woman. Therefore Ms. Vonn also knows it maybe a possibility that if she marries Tiger he may do the same thing again, which would then possibly lead Ms.Vonn into cashing in on $600 million plus, prenuptial award.

Check and Mate! Ms.Vonn!

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods
 None the less, if Tiger Woods does decide to get married and move forward with a prenuptial agreement, I hope he signs it to entitle Ms.Vonn  to no more then what she brought to the relationship, before they meet, as well signing a agreement that would entitle her to nothing if infidelity  was to happen during their marriage, because she already knew Tiger Woods has a reputation for cheating.

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods
 Therefore I feel as Lindsey Vonn is setting up Tiger Wood for "a hole in one."  If he cheats on her now in the relationship, what does she get!? Nothing! If he leaves her now what does she gain!? Nothing

 Therefore, if Lindsey loves Tiger she should take it slow, be independent and let him heal. I mean what does she has to lose other than $20 million if Tiger cheats on her, if they were to get married and the entitlement to a "$600 million dollar prenuptial agreement!"

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beyounce Doubles Her Money and Make It Stack!?

 Beyounce "Double's her money and make it stack!" Every time, she has a baby with her husband Jay-Z!  

  Lately there has been speculation's that Beyounce is pregnant again. Making it possibly that not only will Beyonce be adding to the Carter family, but she'll be adding to her wealth.

Unlike some couple's, Jay-Z and Beyonce signed a pre-nuptial that entitles Beyonce to a 5 million dollar bank roll every time she has a baby and the bank started rolling with Blu Ivy a year ago.

If  Beyounce is pregnant right now, that put's her up to receive another 5 million to add to her fortune. In addition to receiving 5 million a baby, she's also entitled to receiving another million each year she stays in the marriage, up to 15yrs.

  Therefore, wheather Beyonce is pre-go are not, whether Beyonce chooses to stay with Jay-Z or divorce, which it has been no talk of divorce. Beyounce has already "Doubled her money, to make it stack!" 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chris Brown Dangerous!?

 Now, I don't know what you were thinking, but when I asked if he was dangerous! I was talking about his dance moves in his new Video " Fine China!"

Although, I found Chris Brown to have some pretty dangerous dance moves in his new video. I also found it to be a bit funny that he states "It's alright I'm not dangerous." As if he had to reassure her that it's safe to leave and go with him!

 Moreover, he say's "when you're mine, I'll be generous.
Like that's the only time he's generous is, if she's his! Cause other than that he may show some real colors and act shady!

 None the less, I like the song overall I think it's is catchy and contagious! Christ Brown, it's alright! We know you're not dangerous, but your moves are in your new video!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Whoop there it is!"

 If you "didn't know", "now you know"

 Steve Harvey! Was honored on the Legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame!

This pass May 13, Steve Harvey Comedian, Actor, Author and Radio show host , was honored as he received  his star on the legendary, Hollywood "Walk of Fame".  

  Some of the many supporters there to support him was Samuel L. Jackson, Ellen Degeneres and Phil McGraw. Looks, like Steve Harvey is "movin on up!"

  Receiving a star in the in the radio section of the Hollywood walk of fame. Where only the best of the best get's their name placed in a star in the iconic sidewalk! Steve Harvey, "did that!"

  Shining brighter then all the other supporting stars that day, Steve Harvey showed up and showed out, with his complementing yellow suit, bright smile and  humble attitude. 

 If you you didn't get a chance to make it down there to see Steve receive his Star,
                                                                  "Whoop there it is!"

      Congratulations, Mr.Steve Harvey!

Monday, May 13, 2013

"Casper Smart Has" Kevin Ferderline Move's!"

  Although Casper Smart knew "He was the rebound!" We all know J-Lo  "don't stress'em," she just do like Lil Kim and "kick them to the curb like Beckham!" 

  Yet, from the looks of it! Seems as thought Casper Smart has been "upgraded" from, back ground dancer to front and center V.I.P! I just hope he doesn't pull, the "Wanna keep the Baby, Kevin Federline," move. 

"I Started from the Bottom!" 

 However, when it comes to Casper Smart, I think if J.Lo keep's pampering him with V.I.P treatment. Like shown below on May 8, when Casper had two gentleman covering him with 
umbrellas, protecting him from the rain. Smart will probably get use to the new up-graded 
lifestyle and may become accustomed to his new way of living. 

"Now I'm Here!"

 None the less, I just hope J-Lo is smarter than Mr. Smart and doesn't rush any babies any time soon with Mr. "Feed Her Lines", I mean "Mr. Play it Smart." I'm just kidding, I  just hope she takes it slow and enjoy her time, with her new man Casper Smart! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's no secret! We All Know Mariah and Miguel!

When it comes to Mariah Carey's new song Beautiful ft. Miguel I like it, but then when Miguel's first verse come's on, the melody reminded me of Babyface old song, "No body knows it, but me." Well this time Babyface "Your not the only one who knows it." We all know that this song is just "Beautiful!" 

In the video Miguel adds "Whip Appeal" with his "Baby Face" and Mimi look's great as well. I mean come on, you have to give Mariah her props. Shes in her early 40's a mother of twins, married, has a career and the list go's on. Seem's like she has it going on, if you ask me!

I guess when it comes to Mariah Carey meeting and marrying  Nick Cannon it was fate, because his last name is Cannon and he got the opportunity to Mariah Carey, who's a Cannon herself! I think Mariah Carey's new song ft. Miguel over all, is just as the title state's, "Beautiful!"

Thursday, May 9, 2013

NIck Cannon and Mariah Big Pimpin?!

 If spending cheese (money) means you're "Big Pimpin" then, yes! Mariah and Nick Cannon are Big Pimpin!

 As Wiz khalifa state's " Work hard play hard! "  Well, we all know that Nick Cannon and Mariah work hard, but on April 30, they showed us all, just how "Hard they ball! When they Re-newed their 5th year Wedding Vow's and celebrated the twins Roc & Roe's 2nd Birthday by "Shutting Down!" The "Happiest Place On Earth" to do it!

 If that wasn't showing just how "Hard they "Ball," according to "Korri McFann" Mariah and Monroe rode in a Crystal Coach, which lead the two ladies to meet with Hubbie and Brother who was waiting in Prince attire a little way's up.  The after celebration was held in Sleeping Beauty's castle, and Mariah arranged the forecourt with over 9,000 plus crystals, following 15,000 blooms imported from Holland, South America and France.

 Now tell me that's not "Ballin!" They really should have threw their money long and tried to shut Down! Disney World Orlando Fl.
  Now that would have really been considered "Big Pimpin!"

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Will Kanye West Holla! "He wants Prenup,HE WANTS PRENUPS!" to his "Baby Momma," Kim Kardashian!?

 I don't know! But what I do know is sometimes you have to love who you love....And right now it seem's as though Kanye West has maybe feel in love with a person he rapped about back in 2005 in his number one  Billboard hit " Gold Digger ft Jamie Foxx." In his Lyrics Kanye shout'sIf you ain't no punk holla' we want pre-nup, WE WANT PRE-NUP! Which leave's me wondering will he ask Kim for a Pre-nup or will he choose other wise...

  Kanye also goes on  saying " 18 years, 18 years And on her 18th birthday, he found out it wasn't his?
 Now, I remember a few months back Kim Kardashian  and Khole Kardashian where going to the fertility clinic. Where those trips actually for Kim the whole time? I don't know  but,  what we all know, is that Kim is pregnant and not Khole.  Things that make you go "hummm." I just hope he doesn't find out in 18 years, the baby is not his.

 With that being said  "Prenup's " according to Kanye is something one needs to have ," Cause when she leave yo' ass she gon' leave with half." And if Kim Kardashian wouldn't even give Kris Humphries the engagement ring back, I'd hate to see what she'll leave Kanye West with, if they where to ever split. Kanye better "Holla" he want "Prenup! HE WANT PRENUP!