Monday, July 8, 2013

E40 Turns Up!

Turn up A Glass Of Earl Stevens....

Now, not only can you turn up to E-'s40 music, but you also can turn up a glass of  his new wine brand named after himself Earl Stevens Selections.

 According to NBC Bay E- 40 named his wine brand after himself  Earl Stevens and it will be available in two flavors: Mango Mascota and a Red Blend.

 The article goes on to say that this is not  40 Fonzarelli  first foray into the beverage world. He endorsed and was part owner of a cognac called "Landy" and also had "40 water" which was his take on vitamin water.

 In conclusion the article read "His interest into the moscato marketplace is well timed."

 So, the next time you turn up 40 Water's music, don't forget you can also turn up a glass of his new brand of wine Steve Earle's Selections.