Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Real Preachers Of LA... Practice What You Preach

I applaud the "Oxygen" channel for airing a reality show that centers around the living of pastors outside of the church. As leaders of congregations pastors are looked upon to carry themselves in a certain manner, but as seen in this show, you can't distinguish a pastor who's preaching the gospel solely to save lives from, a entertainer of the gospel, which are those pastors who use the gospel to acquire a certain life style and luxury. Seems like some of these ministers need to start practicing what they preach, and stop using the gospel for entertainment, but yet, use it to save lives.

 There's a cast of six pastors, but there's one pastor who goes by the name of Noel Jones who makes statements such as "Women in Los Angeles  are easy to get, but hard to please." Now what kind of comment is that about women in Los Angeles? I think the problem are men in the world with complexes like Mr. Noel that are "convinced that they're the cat's meow and the dog's bow- wow " as Mr. Noel's states on the show.

Also this man has been involved with a women for sixteen years and still will not consider or admit that he is in a serious relationship with her. She even said herself " if being a girlfriend on a scale from 1-10, and ten being the highest where am I", she answered I'd say I'm a 30, which meant what their common law!? Ijs....

Or, is Mr. Jones "Friend" Loretta insinuating, to us, the audience that her and Noel are more than just friends!

 Unlike, Mr.Noel and his lady friend Ms.Loretta would like us to believe their just friends, it doesn't stop there. Talk is Noel Jones is currently dating LisaRaye better known to some as (Diamond) from the players club. Now, how did that news make it around the way!?

Then there was a "First lady" tea party on this past episode, but the thing about the "First Ladies" tea party was that not all the ladies that attended the even't were wives of the pastors, and usually the only women considered first ladies in the church are the pastors wives, which wasn't the case for this first ladies tea party, because not all the ladies who attended were wives of the pastors. . 

Again, I applaud the Oxygen network for airing this show, it's showing the reality that some ministers do use the gospel for entertainment purposes and to gain life luxuries and are not solely sharing, or spreading the gospel to save lives. These preachers are looked upon to not only spread Basic, Instructions, Before, Leaving, Earth, but to live it as well. Yet, seems like some of these minister's can still use some ministering to themselves. Lord, know's like J.Cole I'm a born sinner, but again I haven't taken on a oath as a pastor, so like Kendrick Lamar states "Lord Forgive me." Hopefully after the end of this season show these ministers will still have a congregation standing behind them.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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