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" In Performance At The White House Series, Women Of Soul"

"In Performance At The White House Series, Women Of Soul"

 Well, if your a fan of Ms. Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin alike then you'd be delighted to know that this pass "In Performance at the White House, Women of Soul" event held last Thursday at the White House estate, acknowledged both ladies. As some of music's most profound voices came together in honor of this Presidential black-tie affair....

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
 In attendance at the event were Ms.Franklin, Ms.LaBelle, Melissa Etheridge, Tessanne Chin, Jill Scott, Janelle Monáe, and Andiana Grande. This event is the 12th program in President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's "In Performance at the White House series, Women of Soul." 

It's said by USA Today the President himself kicked of the night with his trip down memory lane, reminiscing on 1967 when the legend has it Ms. Franklin's voice shook the walls "it was magic" the President stated, advising those in attendance jokingly to " Hold on."

Also they went on saying Miss Monáe  and Ariana Grande held their own at the event, when it came to not only being among some of  the Diva's of Soulful voices but also being among the legends of Soulful voices. 

 Monáe performed her own rendition of Shirley Bassey's James Bond theme Goldfinger, while Ariana Grande went Big performing One of the Greatest Soul singers who's ever lived songs R.I.P the legendary Soulful singer, herself Ms.Whitney Houston's " I have nothing." 

 Both of the ladies also had the opportunity to sing one of their own songs, which Monáe  performed "Tightrope" and Grande delivered " Tattooed Heart" state's USA Today.

Now, although Monáe, and Ariana Grande gave great performance's it was the Diva's of the night who was most memorable according to USA Today. Patti LaBelle opened the show with a "  electrifying rendition of Over the Rainbow" which earning her a standing ovation, later she performed her own Lady Marmalade.

Following Patti LaBelle's performance, Etheridge performed Gladys Knight's Neither One of Us, which was described as " heartfelt." Chin moved those in attendance to Donna Summer's disco classic Last Dance. Jill Scott performed Franklin's Rock Steady as well as her own song's "I'm the Only One and Golden, respectively."     

 The "Women of Soul" also lit up the event performing the Queen of Rock and Roll Tina Turner's Proud Mary, which seemed like the closing finale, until Franklin took to the crowd one finale time performing "  Amazing Grace" which was described by the article as being a mesmerizing performance leaving Monáe and Jill Scott teary-eyed, while Franklin closed out the evening. 

 It was said that the "atmosphere was more akin to a gospel-church revival than a black-tie affair," but either way it seemed like an amazing event that was put together in honoring these Women of Soul and I'm sure it was a honor for them as well. 

In conclusion the airing of the event is set to show on April 7, I'm not sure what time but you can always check your local listings as well, it will broadcast on PBS .

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