Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beyonce Rings The Alarm!

Alright ya'll, so Beyonce be damned if she let him go,  according to Ring The Alarm!.... 

Simply because she's been through this too long, and she'll be damned if she see another chick on Hov's arm....

So, where does this young lady Liv come into play? Because the buzz going around is that 

A lot of people are calling her Jay-Z mistress, but how can she be a mistress if she's never slept or have had any intimate connection with Jay-Z, other than her alleging Jay-Z was in pursuit of her?

I mean she say's it herself with her interview with ETonline.com, she states

"She wants to be clear that she was not Jay Z's mistress even though she say's she could have been."

Therefore, being that she was never romantically involved with Jay-Z and only spoke of them having some sort of chemistry while working together, leads me to believe this Liv is apologizing for something that could have transpired between the two, but never did and the shots at Beyonce seems like hating, because Jay-Z maybe in her mind dissed her.

None the less, in conclusion Liv needs to stop apologizing and start realizing that Beyonce ain't gonna let Jay-Z go, because if she let him go the next one

                   "Gon' be rockin' chinchilla coats
                                                                        If she let him go
                                                                  Getting the house off the coast 
                                                                        If she let  Jay go
                                                                  She gon' take everything Bey own
                                                                         If she let him go
                                                                       She can't let him go

                                                             Damn, if she let him go

                                                         She gon' rock them VVS stones
                                                                   If she let him go

                                                           Couped in the 'beach or the Rolls
                                                                    If she let him go

                                                       She gon' profit everything she taught
                                                                       If she let him go

                                                                      She can't let him go
                                                                  Damn, if she let's him go." 

Therefore, Liv I apologize to you because I doubt Beyonce " Let Him Go."

Until Next Time,
 Thanks for reading my blog and remember “Girl's can't run the world fightin’ over men" ;.p