Friday, January 22, 2016

Academy Awards Boycott

Well, All Happy 2016!

It has been a while but I've returned because of the heat this winter that's hit before Summer. However, before I jump into what's going on around town I'd like to Thank all my readers and listeners who view my blog for the good vibes as well as content ;.p

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Alright. now what brought me into RelatableTopics is the "Academy Awards" boycott controversy and I'd like to know what you all think about the matter. Do you favor that "Jada & Will" Love or do favor that "Aunt Viv" Love?

If you're not aware Jada & Will Smith as well as another high profile celebrity Spike Lee
 decided to boycott the Oscars this year due to the lack of racial diversity,which the Academy awards say's their coming up with a  resolution to find a way for the award show to be less distorted as far as diversity. Now is that to say they're admitting to not being racially fair in the past? Somewhat like the Grammy's?

Now as far as the boycott, Jada Pickett Smith spoke out saying " Minority actors as well as actress should not have to beg or plead for a Oscar award" while Spike Lee just plain out subbed the awards by stating " He and His wife Mrs. Lee will not be attending the Oscars awards this year" as to say "Thank you for the invite, but no thank you."

While on the other hand we have Janet Hurbert better know as "Aunt Viv" from the hit t.v. show  The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air firing off while not holding back stating" 26 years ago when she suggested the whole Fresh Price of Bel-Air cast get together and ask for a raise, Will Smith stated "my deal is my deal and ya'll deal is ya'll deal." Which seems to suggest the Smiths now seek the same desire Ms.Hurbert was seeking 26 odd years ago, support within her culture.

Ms. Hurbert also went on to say "The Smiths are part of  the snobbish Hollywood, they're boycotting" as she acknowledged world hunger, minorities dying as well as others struggling to pay their bills while telling the Smiths " ya'll motherfuc*ker's worried about celebrities and awards" just because Will Smith didn't win an Oscar award!

Mz. Janet stated she feels as though  Jada Pickett Smith is trying to stir up controversy from other "Blacktress's and Black actors" to  stand with them as that could potentially jeopardize their careers if they join in the " Oscar" boycott with those who have made the decision not to attend the event. Unlike those who choose to be against the boycott such as Whoopi Goldberg as well as Chris Rock  who will be hosting the awards.

 Ms.Hubert also goes on to state that Jada as well as her husband has made millions and millions of dollars from these same people they are making the choice to boycott. Moreover, according to Ms. Hubert that is a industry no, no.

Including that if anyone should have won an Oscar it should have been Idris Elba for his role in " Beast In No Nation." Which it is known Idris Elba certainly deserve's an award for his performance.
Ms.Hubert did not hold her feelings back and in the end she stated "The only Oscar she's worried about is Oscar Mayer wiener." Lmao

None the less when it comes to the Oscars "Academy" awards minorities are highly aware that the Oscars tend to favor actress and actors who are not of minority descent unless the role involved unfavorable scripts.

Such as Holly Berry in " Monster Ball," comedian Monique for her role in "Precious," Denzel Washington in his role as a corrupt cop in "Training Day" and not to mention the First ever African American to win an Oscar Hattie McDaniel  who won supporting actress as a house slave in "Gone with the wind" back in 1939.

 In closing the Academy awards as of 2016 will have matured 88 years, so maybe it's time if it hasn't already been time for  the Academy awards to do as Spike Lee suggested back in 1989 and  "Do The Right Thing." 

As Always Thank You For Reading My Blog And May You Have A Prosperous 2016!  

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