Friday, June 21, 2013

Ms. Cyrus Can't Stop!

Alright so I wanted to weigh in on Miley Cyrus twerking at the Juicy J concert and personally I think Miley can seriously twerk!

 Since "The Climb" Miley Circus has certainly pulled a "Hannah Montana" move on us and changed her whole style from being  innocent  Billy Ray Cyrus daughter to being a mature expressive young lady, twearking at concerts! As shown in the video link below

In her new music video "We can't Stop" Miley Cyrus shows us she's no longer a refined innocent young lady, yet now a woman old enough to "Brake, Achy Breaky Hearts!"

Miley looks very grown up and  mature in her new music video, unlike most of her older videos, but why wouldn't she!? She is getting older and needs to  market  to those in her age group other than marketing to younger kids.

 None the less, overall I'm digging Mileys new video! I'm really feeling her hair cut as well as her fashion statement.  Miley does more than just twerk in her new video, she works the camera with her hair style as well as fashion statement and more. In this video Miley Cyrus "Can't Stop"