Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wendy Williams What!?

I was watching the Wendy Williams show last week and she made the comment...

" She no longer watches, Love and Hip Hop, Atl Exe's or Real Housewife's" because she " Matured" but it just seemed like all the show's she started naming off was mostly minority shows. 
Then I started feeling like da*m Wendy we as people of color already don't have any good show's to watch  anymore, Martin got canceled, In Living Color got canceled, The Wayans Bros got canceled, LL Cool J In The House got canceled and that's just to name a few, and here she goes trying to down play the shows that cast consist of mostly Black people. But guess what Wendy Williams, I'll continue watching LHHA, Atlanta Exe's, & Real House Wive's of Atlanta, it's helping support Black entertainers and I don't see anything wrong with that :.) 

Then  Pheadra Parks from Real House Wives Of Atlanta is getting a divorce from Apollo, (which he deserves from those stunts he pulled with Kenya) and Phaedra is one of my favorite Housewives, so I'll continue to watch and  support the shows 

Moreover, is the rumor that Nick Cannon separated from Mariah Carey to hook up with Amber Rose and I do believe that's just a rumor, because no way can I see Nick Cannon Leaving Mariah Carey for Amber Rose, I just don't see it and I'll leave it at that ;.p        
I seriously doubt Nick Canon and Amber Rose are hooking up in a intimate way, I do believe it's just business when it comes to them collaborating

In closing as always,thanks for reading my blog! Leave a question or comment if you like and I'll catch up soon