Or Is It Just Me?!

Alright so is it me or was that a B*tch move Dutchess pulled last week on Black Ink Crew when she maced Miss.Kitty with pepper spray? Then ran and locked herself behind two doors while yelling I'm a Boss which made me LMAO at Dutchess because No that's not how Bosses roll at least not in Cali, we don't mace someone and run but maybe that's what scary weak azz Bosses do in Charlotte North Carolina, making it seem as thought maybe Dutchess has no hands and can't runn'em, the only thing she seems able to run is from situation's and her mouth. My advice, stand your ground like a  Real Boss Women and keep your mace for real emergencies, not for someone 3x's smaller than you. Ijs

Had Miss.Kitty looking like a pest getting sprayed with bug spray, again Ijs ;.p

 Well, Happy beginning of the New year all! Now, I had to know is it just me or did hearing the talk about Chris Brown and Soulja Boy setting up a boxing match bring back memories  that reminded you of (throwback) 1998 MTV celebrity deathmatch?...Lol 


Then I was like Pharrel, Beyounce? As she announced last week that she and Jay-Z will be adding two additions to their family?  But, now is it just me or could Beyounce had shared that news a little earlier than one day after Pharrell shared he and his wife just gave birth to triplets? Pharrell and his wife couldn't even get 24hrs of shine before the Carter's took the spot light..Lol ;.p Ijs

Then, going back about five years remember when Beyounce was "pregnant" with Blu Ivy? Okay,  a question came to mind, how come she didn't have belly pictures like the one shown below with Blu?

 Remember how Beyounce supposedly, shut down the whole maternity floor to give birth to Blu Ivy? Remember, the conspiracy behind her first pregnancy and how a few people believed Bey was never really pregnant?  Could it had been possibly that they shut the whole maternity floor down for a surrogate to gave birth to Blu without anyone knowing?  Who know's that will probably always remain a conspiracy like area 51. Ijs! Or is it just me?

Now is it just me or does it seem pretty strange that Kim Kardashian was allegedly tied up and held at gunpoint for her decoy ring and some phones? Seemed pretty ironic that just a few months before this happened Kanye had brought Kim the exact same ring the "robbers" stole, a ring which she already had which made no sense at all, at first, until now. Why would you buy someone the exact same ring they already had, unless they lost it or unless you already expected someone to come in and rob you of that asset and so they wouldn't take the original you had a decoy in place for them to take. Then just coincidentally her bodyguard wasn't present that night and all they took was jewerly and her phones. So, seems to me like this is a publicity stunt, but what do you think "Trauma or Drama?" Ijaskin


 Now is it just me or does it seem as though maybe Blac Chyna hooked up with Rob Kardashian to get back at her baby daddy Tyga for dating Kylie? And is it me or do you think Blac Chyna had a baby by Rob Kardashian for the last name fame and dolla signs behind it? Then lastly is it me or do you think Rob Kardashian hooked up with Blac Chyna because of Tyga dating his sister, who was under age at the time? Ijs 

Now is it just me or is Stacey Dash really "Clueless" she always looks so beautiful until she opens her mouth. All beauty with no brain as she stated today on a local news channel "BET should be canceled along with Black History Month and other award shows."As my response to her is " Ms. Dash, please have a seat while educated people of color stand up." Because there is no way in History after working so hard for such an honorable accomplishment as people of color, would a educated person of color ask for Black history month to be unacknowledged, except someone ignorant and from the looks of it Stacey Dash has made her share of uneducated choices. Ijs 

Do You Think Dutches from Black Ink Crew was Wrong or Right for inviting Quani to Paris and not telling Sassy how she really felt about her before letting Sassy invite herself on the trip? Then once arriving to Paris, Dutches blowing both ladies off. What was Up with that? Or Is It Just Me!?  


Alright! So on tonights show of Love And Hip Hop New York I was getting upset at Mendeecees for Yandy, becuase you don't play around with people and their kids or a pregnant women...Lol

Then it seemed like Mendeeces was trying to throw Yandi shade in the Studio with his "assistant " there? Telling her "she hasn't never won nothing" despite all the effort she puts in to her projects.. Sometimes men can be so clueless and careless with their words.

And what was up with Sky and Teddy from "Black Ink Crew?! That seemed like a messed up move they pulled, kissing and letting Teddy  feel all up on her with her new " Boo" sitting right there in the front of the shop, not knowing what He was in the mist of because I think if he knew what was up, there would have been more then just Puma and Ceasar fighting in the shop that night, all over Ski and Teddy being So Disrepectful. Ijs

Alright, so what was up on Love and Hip Hop New York last night!? Diamond showed Richie Dollaz that he was not gone smash and past her like he've done all the other one's he's taken to the bathroom excuse me restroom before her, at least not with out showing up and showing out first ;.p


Then we have Anaya and Donna from "Black Ink Crewgetting ankels ran over, while jumping out of moving car's. Now, ladies when it get's that bad when you getting your ankle ran over by a car trying to jump out and fight over your dude, it might be time to rethink your position in the situation. Ijs








                  Who Do You Think Should Go Home Sooner?

                                Donna                                                                        Diamond

Alright, so is it me or was last night fight's well choreograped!? The fight between Cookie and Boo Boo Kitty was Way passed over do...

But the fight between Andre and Vernon took me by surprise. Just as I was thinking " man there's alot of fights in tonights show" here comes Rhonda killing off Vernon. (Tragic) 

So what can we expect now that Lucious is not dying, Vernon who was the key witness in Lucious case dead and Team "Hostile Takeover" in pursuit of Empire!? I'm not sure, but as Lucious stated "Game On Bitches." 

Alright, so Empire's season fianle was last week leaving viewers on the edge of our seats awaiting next seasons return in early 2016, but we do have Love & Hip Hop Atl., set to come back on April 20 which is right around the cornrer and with all the changes with cast members I don't know what to expect from this season of Love&bHip Atl!

Then is it me or how can someone like the show Empire, but not like Love & Hip Hop? Honestly, I feel as thought Empire is kind of like a scripted Love & Hip Hop with a little more edge. None the less I enjoy both shows and look forward to watching both shows season premire, even if Empire's season premire isn't set to come back on till early next year ;.p

             Who would you pick to guess star on Empire!? I'd pick Charlie Wilson 

Lmao! As Trey Songz said " Tell em play that sh*t again" was my thought last night when Jazzy Faye dissmissed Jessica Dime from the presence of his studios...Lol

Just when it seemed that Jazzy Faye was feeling Jessica Dime, she broke into two nickles when she found out that Mimi had booked Tiffany Fox to join them in their meeting and since she couldn't take the heat she was told by Jazzy Faye to leave the kitchen.  
Costing the ladies their One hour opportunity Mimi had set up for them, in hopes of working with Jazzy Faye. Goes to show that sometimes in certain situations you have to check yourself. Ijs 

"Yandy looked so beautiful on her and Mendeecees wedding day, don't you all agree" in my Eddie Murphys Coming To America voice..Lol

But now let's really chat about how Peter Gunz was there at the ceremony without Amina. According to VH1.com it's said that Yandy only invited Peter and Tara, leaving no plus one open for Amina. However VH1.com went on to state that another reason why Amina wasn't invited to the wedding was because supposly Yandy is team Tara, but I thought if Peter was invited so was his wife and baby, no extra invite needed, but from the looks of it I guess not :.'

Then we had Momma Jones attend the gala but with no sign of Jim Jones or Chrissy, which wasn't a big surprise being that Chrissy nor Yandy have spoke for years now and accroding to VH1.com Yandy stated "she hasn't heard from Chrissy or Jim, she doesn't even know if they still live in New York. Nor has she heard Jim put any new music out lately, following it up with nor has she seen any of Chrissy's "Lady Vamp jacket line" being pushed anywhere, but closed stating she would glady purchase Jim's music when he puts it out as well as buy a Lady Vamp jacket when the line comes out. "

None the less the wedding was beautiful and so was Yandy's dress ;.p
                       Do You Think Peter Should Have Attended The Wedding Without Amina?


So, is it just me or when did "Basketball Wives" turn into 'The Bads Girl Club'? As I tuned in to watch Basketball Wives I was like " Where did this new girl Mehgan come from?" Then I was like "O' yeah she was on season  9 of  the BGC on Oxgen" that's why she throwing so much shade...Lol

If you where in Jackie's position, would you have let your husband go on a date "Meeting" with  Malaysia? Or would you have just let the friendship go it's own direction? 

Alright, so I had to go back an episode... Now is it me or did Kalenna tell Rasheeda "She wasn't willing to sell her soul like Rasheeda?" And Rasheeda reply was "That's because nobody want's to buy it!" Then Kalenna kept going in on Rasheeda saying things like " That's why nobody will buy your music, but they'll buy your lipstick." Lmao

Yet, seriously that scene was emotional with Rasheeda and Kaleena going in on each other like that because you could tell that Kalenna was really upset and her emotions where on the rise, but sh*t Kaleena just had a baby and she's trying to balance being a wife, mother and artist. Tough cookie....
                                                                                  So, I understand that although Kalenna may be ready to get back to her everyday routine, because it's what's going on around her she should just "Stop, Wait A Minute,"( In my Lloyd voice) and get her prioritites together. Cause if she keep's looking at Rasheeda's grass, she'll never be able to keep her own grass as green. As well Kallena may have or have had
 postpartum as Rasheeda said but postpartum is nothing to laugh at and should always be taken seriously. So hopefully Kaleena get it together, so she can gain her mental balance back  (if she hasn't already) and handle her business so she can get to where she desires to be in life without having to sell her soul to do it. Ijs

 Alright, Now! Is it just me or did last night's
Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
piss you off too, when Jason Lee threw that drink in Hazel E's face, I felt so mad for her. I agree with Nikki "What type of dude throws a drink in a ladies face?"period! If it's about business keep it about business. Jason Lee lost mad points he didn't even have throwing that drink in Hazel E's face, doing that made him look Super fu*king weak and he was sloppy with it. I wouldn't care who he flocked with I wouldn't want to work with his as* either way. Real men don't throw drinks period and if the birds he flocks with are any thing like him they should consider flying solo bolo as eagle's while leaving his punk azz alone. Ijs once again "Real Men Don't Throw Drinks, Especially On Women!"

What do you all think about Jason Lee throwing the drink in Hazel E's face?







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