A. How Do You Stop The Playlist?
Answer.. Click the icons located on the left side bottom of the page

B. How often is your playlist changed
Answer... I update my playlist as often as possible, but mostly on Tuesday's
C. If I send you my demo or mixtape will you include it in your rotation?
Answer....Depends on a few factors and if  it's uploaded to youtube or soundcloud

D. What is this blog about? Music Artist, Celebrities, Music, Entertainment And More!

E. Can I view what tracks are in rotation on the playlist?
Answer ...Yes, by clicking on the Bars located at the bottom right corner of the page in the box

F. How often do you update your content?
Answer... As often as possible ( So Be Sure To Subscribe, So You Won't Miss A Post ;.)

G. If I have a topic, that I would like you to touch bases on will you cover it? And how can I reach you?
Answer.. Yes, if you have a topic that you would like me to cover leave me a email with the subject
"Cover My Topic" and I will do my best to cover that topic

Any other additional questions that have not been covered in the F.A.Q can be directed to me personally via inbox mcdonaldrenee30@gmail.com

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