Monday, August 19, 2013

"O" No She Didn't!

  I couldn't believe the news I heard in the media last week about the Swiss boutique worker and Oprah. It made me say "O, No she didn't"!

 I may have been just as  shocked as Oprah, herself, when it came to the service, she received while shopping in a Swiss boutique! What disturbed me wasn't the sales rep assumption  that Ms. Winfrey couldn't afford a hand bag, which Ms. Winfrey a Billionaire asked to see! But I was more in disbelief at the mere point, the boutique clerk did not know she was providing service to one of the most influential Black Women in the World! (In my top flight security of the world voice)


 Please somebody tell me, how does one not know Oprah Winfrey, especially while interacting with her? I still can't believe the clerk didn't know Ms. Sofia "You told Harpo to beat me " Oprah Winfrey! Producer and film publisher of Harpo production, Oprah! Retired talk show host of the 25 year running, Oprah Winfrey Show!


  How could one not know her, when interacting with her?  The publisher and writer of "O" The Oprah magazine Oprah! The women who owns her own radio channel on Sirius XM radio and opened her own all girl school in Africa!? Which are only a few of the many accomplishments she's achieved in her life, while helping others.

  I know the clerk had to know she was providing service to a women who have made such a positive impact in the world, or either Oprah disguised herself really good that day! While I keep hearing everyone express their disbelief in the fact that the clerk thought Ms.Winfrey couldn't afford the hand bag, because she's Black, I was thinking what about the fact that she didn't know Oprah Winfrey O_0  I was even in more shock that the clerk didn't know Oprah was in the building! Literally

  I guess she really didn't know she was providing service to such a profound, influential, individual. I thought everyone knew Oprah Winfrey....Ms.O No she didn't!

No, the boutique clerk obviously didn't know she was in the presence of one of the most prolific, iconic Woman in not only the States, but in the world.


 If she didn't know who Oprah Winfrey was at first, it's more than obvious she know's now, I'd also like to think Ms.Winfrey is even more humbled from the incident herself.




Thursday, August 1, 2013

LeBron James, Chief Executive?!

LeBron James May Be On The Verge Of Becoming The NBA's Chief Exec...

 According to the NBA players association maybe on the verge of taking the steps  to shift power that could go well beyond the naming of a new executive director. reviews that a talented well known name is considering operating as chief executive of the union to substitute the confident Derek Fisher. The well known Miami Heat's player and MVP LeBron James.

 Considered the NBA's best and most well know gamer, speculations has it that LeBron James is thinking of putting his bid in to become the newest president of the NBA union, replacing Oklahoma's current point guard Derek Fisher.


 “It's something he has discussed with a small number of people,” say's a source with close ties of LeBron James. The source further informed , LeBron was very oral at the conference during All-Star weekend, when he expressed drastic changes needs to be made when it comes to the NBA's union.

 There is a new executive director arriving as well as a new commissioner. He recognize's the change and feels it's the time for the union to change as well. The source near to James informed that he believes it's “unlikely” that the gifted celebrity will choose to run for presidency stating.

 “LeBron doesn't do anything midway and he gives the matter serious thought about whether he has enough time he knows the job needs,” the resource said. “The requirements on LeBron's time are already significant. Whether it's officially or informally, LeBron has powerful views on the long run of the partnership and will be very effective in the restoring procedure.”