Monday, September 30, 2013

I'am Hip Hop!?

The I'am Hip Hop BET Awards will honor the legendary MC Lyte at this years Bet I'am Hip Hop Awards. The ceremony will premier on October 15th at 8p.m E/T.


  MC Lyte has continued to flourish, since she first sprouted to the surface of the Hip Hop scene in the late 80's, adding her branch to the tree of Hip Hop. MC Lyte is known as being one of the first female Hip Hop artist, who set herself apart from the male's in the Hip-Hop game,with her rhythmatic flows that took the Hip Hop scene by storm.

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 She was the first female solo rap artist to be nominated to receive a Grammy. She's also the first African American female president of the LA chapter of The Recording Academy and is founder of the Hip Hop Sister Foundation. Sprite will be honoring MC Lyte with the I'am Hip Hop award at 8p.m. E/T October 15, where MC Lyte will be honored, and added to the list of other's who's received the life time achievement recognition award over the year's.

Congratulations to the new honoree on receiving the I'am Hip Hop BET Life Time Achievement Award.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Turn Up Tuesday!

It's Tuesday time to grind by hitting the "Gas Pedal" and keep my week rolling with "Sage The Gemini".....

Have a great rest of the week! Turn Up, it's Tuesday ;.)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time to wrap up the Mix for this TuesdayTurnUp! 

Have a Wonderful Week All!
  " Just keep going, don't look back and look forward from where you're at".......


  Until next time......


Turn Up Tuesday!

Adding Petey Pablo to the Turn Up Tuesday Mix!

 Turn Up during  the Tuesday Hustle..... 

It'll keep some pep, in you're in step! Turn Up, it's Tuesday

Turn Up Tuesday!

Mixing Things Up A Bit

 Adding that Grind Track from Master P "Choppa Style"

It's Tuesday Morning!  Time for a dose of TurnUp for this Morning :.p

Choppa Style...Turn Up! It's Tuesday

Turn Up Tuesday!

It's Tuesday!Time to Turn Up! So, I decided I'd turn up to a throw back  joint from the Twins that started the twurking trend... 

The Ying Yang Twins Of Course :.P with Whistle while you Twurk.... Showing Tuesday some love as I'm going about my day

Turn Up Tuesday ;.p

It's Tuesday Time to Turn Up! 

Good Morning All!

As some of you know I enjoy Turning Up On Tuesdays! So, I've decided to Turn Up on Tuesday here inside of relatabletopics :.p

With no further a do.... I'll start the TurnUp this Tuesday Morning with R.Kelly and Jay-Z
"Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

Have a beautiful week all, but for right now it's Tuesday Turn Up! ;.p