Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Donald Sterling "Misplaced Hate Makes Disgrace To Races"

  "Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races" say's one of Tupac song lyrics, but those lyrics can be applied to Donald Sterling and his racist comments about black people and not wanting Blacks at his games...

When it comes to Donald Sterling comments about Black people and not wanting Blacks to attend his Clippers game's it didn't surprise me, because why would he want his entertainment to be entertained. However when you're from around my way, you're faced with discrimination all the time and not just racism, but sexism, etc.

It's just so happened that this time it was the owner of the Clippers team that expressed his dislike of black people, which caused a frenzy among the NBA community and outside.  

Therefore,causing a wake up call to minority celebrities and athlete's putting them in a humbling situation. Letting cultured celebrities and athlete's know that discrimination "started from the bottom now it's there." 

Moreover, I do however feel bad for the Clippers and the NBA, but the commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver did move swift with his decision to ban Donald Sterling, from having anything to do with the National Basketball Association, period, along with fining him 2.5 million.  

Therefore, forcing Donald Sterling into selling the team. Following, the NBA team's were as going to reportedly boycott the playoff's if actions wasn't taken against Donald Sterling immediately. However, despite all, with the penalties Donald Sterling is facing maybe he will now be more conscious about what he say's about a culture he know's little to nothing about. 


Peace along with Love and thanks as always for reading my blog ;.)

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Pharrell is known best as being a songwriter, rapper, record producer, musician, and fashion designer.... 

 But lately he's more recognized for his music from the Despicable Me 2 movie which , I have been hearing for weeks now and for real I'm not sure if I'm going to miss it when it stops playing on rotation on the radio, t.v., in department stores, you get the point ".)

 Or am I going to be "Happy" I won't have to hear it so much anymore. I mean I've been hearing this song "Happy" so much I expect minions to pop out from somewhere.

 Since I've been hearing this song so much it made me curious to know what has recently taken place with Pharrell other than him announcing his retirement during his interview with Oprah, because it's known Pharrell has always had his hand in a few bowl's and that song "Happy" is not the best track in my opinion that Pharrell has released, but I do get it, it's the most friendliest, yet I mean for real I feel like I'm in the movie every time I hear this song now, I've heard it so much.

 On the other hand some think it's because of that vintage brown hat Pharrell worn to the Grammy's that has seem to spark this fortunate turn's of event's to occur for him, sparking a Pharrell craze.Word is he's had that hat for the longest time and it just so happened that this time when he wore it to the Grammy's it started a buzz starting it all but, I'm like "Really a Hat."

 None the less, Pharrell has recently been on Oprah, Good Morning America, and as well the Ellen show, which I guess he's getting in his last interview's before finalizing his retirement to ride off into the sunset. Either way with all that being said I wish him the best with his plan of retirement, but for real I'll be so "Happy" when they retire the song "Happy" or will I :.p

                             Until next time! Stay Happy...Thanks for reading my blog ;.p